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Welcome to The Stag on the River, a traditional English pub offering a great atmosphere, great food and fantastic accommodation, 7 days a week.

Perched on the banks of the River Wey in the charming Surrey village of Lower Eashing, this charming historic inn has long been a resting point for weary travellers and hunters. We aim to continue this welcoming, relaxing atmosphere with the help of a professional and friendly team and decor that truly compliments our beautiful riverside setting.

We are part of a family that is passionate about pubs and who care about our customers and take great pride in their enjoyment. We are dedicated to sourcing from British farmers and producers and using only sustainable ingredients.

We highly value the happiness of our staff and believe in being open, honest and fair. We believe in rewarding loyalty and dedication shown by both our staff and customers (check out Red Card Rewards). We are committed to delivering an authentic and genuine pub experience to our customers.

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Cannot recommend this pub highly enough. I booked online and stated that I was gluten/dairy intolerant. The Stag have a specific gluten free menu but aside from that, the staff took the time to go through every dish on the main menu and tell me what modifications could be made should I wish to not have the gluten free menu options – just outstanding attention to personal detail in my opinion.

I genuinely cannot ever remember such a good service in the UK, particularly where allergies are concerned.

TripAdvisor Review, October 2017